Drones / UAV’s

Concorde Airport Security offers a range of fixed wing and rotary drones for security oversight.

Both types offer Vertical Take Off and Landing (VTOL) capability and can therefore operate from small areas.

All drones offer both day and night surveillance with live video feeds, these can be sent to a number of ground stations as required. Pictures and videos can also be stored on line for use in any future prosecutions.

Dependant on the type of service requested, we can offer both fixed base stations or remote systems. The latter is very compact and could for example be used at multiple sites.

CAS has a team of highly experienced and commercially endorsed pilots / payload operators. For those clients wishing to have their own “in house” capability, CAS can provide full systems and conduct the necessary training for your own team.

CAS will always ensure that all flights are conducted in accordance with CAA regulations and the relevant approvals, which we will obtain.

In addition to airport security, CAS can provide the following services:

  • Powerline surveys / security

  • Gas Detection

  • Oil pipeline surveys / security

  • Wind farm surveys – onshore and offshore

  • Photogrammetry services

  • Structural surveys

  • Pilot training / assessments

  • Writing of Operational Safety Cases (OSC’s) for specialist operations such as BVLOS operations

Please email us to discuss your particular drone requirements.

CAS Drones
CAS Drones
CAS Drones
CAS Drones
CAS Drones